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We are Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Pre-Engineering Building Structure Work, Roofing Sheet, Accessories and Air Ventilator, PUF Panels.


Puf & Insulated Panel

We manufacture PUF sandwich panel for wall, false ceiling and roof panel at Vadodara based factory.
The raw material used for manufacturing PUF panel is CFC free and fire retarded grade. PUF Sandwich panels are available with pre coated GI sheets, SS sheets or as directed.

Company Name: Wan-hua Chemical
Material: ISO-POLIO Material Combination Make Polyurethane Foam Material 30mm – 150mm thick Polyurethane Insulation of 40 kg/m³ density sandwiched in
Between two colors coated PPGL-PPGI profiled sheet and Plain sheet

-> Technical Specification
  • Density: 40± Kg/cu.

  • Compressive Strength at 10% deformation : 2.1 Kg/

  • Tensile Strength: 4.0 Kg/

  • Bending Strength: 4.2 Kg/

  • Adhesion Strength (Foam to steel) : 3.0 Kg/

  • Dimensional Stability (48 hours) : 0.1% -25°C :0.1% 38°C & 90% RH : 0.4%

  • Closed Cell Content: 90-95%

  • Temperature Range: -18° to 140°C

  • Temperature Conductivity At 0°C : 0.018 k Cal/hr.m°C (design value 0.020 k Cal/m °C or 0.023 w/m k)

  • Water Absorption: 0.2% volume at 100% RH



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