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We are Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Pre-Engineering Building Structure Work, Roofing Sheet, Accessories and Air Ventilator, PUF Panels.


Industrial Turbo Ventilators

S B Enterprise has introduced SB Turbo Air Ventilators, which runs on natural air and is highly effective in removal of hot and toxic air from the premises. While this product is a low cost alternative for the conventional electrically operated ventilators / exhaust fans, the efficacy of the same has been tested and proven around the globe.
• Benefits SB Turbo Air Ventilators operate on wind energy thereby enabling saving of substantial power savings to the user. Further, it provides a number of benefits like:
• High Efficiency due to continuous rotation.
• Economical since it runs on natural air.
• Maintenance Free due to engineering expertise.
• Aesthetically appealing due to its appearance.

-> Technical Specification
  1.  Size : 28" net 21" mounting / 32" net 24" mounting
  2. Weight: 5.63 Kg Approx. / 6.35 Kg Approx. 
  3. Speed : Depends on wind
  4. Blade : Total 36 Nos 0.5 mm / 42 Nos 0.5 mm Hindalco 8011 H-14
  5. Frame : MS galvanized frame
  6. Top Cover : Stainless steel
  7.  Ring : Stainless steel
  8. Mounting : Stainless steel



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