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Glasswool Insulation

One of the best known products for thermal & acoustic insulation, Glasswool is light gold in colour and is a light weight, compressible insulation material consisting of fine, long, inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a high temperature binder.
Glasswool is available in rolls, slabs and boards, in various densities and thicknesses and with a wide range of factory applied facings which include reinforced aluminum foil, fiberglass tissue, black glass tissue and a wide range of imported premium facings 

-> Acoustic Insulation values of Glasswool Insulation
   48kg/m3-50 mm thick = 0.72 NRC [100 to 8000 Hz.]
   Mean Temperature in deg C Thermal Conductivity in W/MK Thermal Resistance in sq.m. K/W; Thickness :

   10 0.027 1.85
   25 0.030 1.67
   30 0.033 1.52
   100 0.040 1.25

-> Temperature Range

   Glasswool is suitable for applications ranging from minus 195°C to 230°C. For special applications up to 450°C, high temperature binder is available. Aluminum foil facing is suitable up to 120°C.



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