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We are Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Pre-Engineering Building Structure Work, Roofing Sheet, Accessories and Air Ventilator, PUF Panels.


FRP & Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Fiber & Polycarbonate Roof Sheets can be use along with asbestos cement, Galvanized or industrial corrugated roof sheets to allow uniform diffused light. SB Enterprise provide option of sizes, colors, opacity, and corrugations. Flat FRP & Polycarbonate sheet with smooth and wrinkled surface is also available for decorative purpose.
We bring you a variety of FRP & Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets which are made up at par with international standards. Our FRP & Polycarbonate Corrugated Roofing Sheets can be availed in various sizes and types according to your choice. These FRP & Polycarbonate Sheets are easier to install like any other conventional sheet fixing. 

-> Application of Roofing Sheets
    Ware houses
    Cold storages
    Swimming Pools

-> Advantages
    Roofing Sheets give plenty of natural light.
    Roofing is decorative and enhances the beauty of the roof.

-> Types
     Designer Corrugated Sheets
     FRP Mesh Wire Roofing Sheets (for extra strength)

-> Available in
    Standard Cement Sheets Corrugation
    Galvanized Iron Sheet Corrugation
    Aluminum Sheet Corrugation
    Various Colours and Designs



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